Notary SOS Mobile Service offers fair and competitive pricing. Below is a brief summary.

$45 ( $30 administration + $15 travel) for regular in-person mobile notary service, one notarized signature.(Excluding mortgage, loan settlements, refinancing, or other specialized cases.) Plus, Pennsylvania State Fees per document, listed below.

PA State-prescribed Fees

  • Taking Acknowledgment $5
  • Administering oath or affirmation (per individual) $5
  • Certifying or attesting a copy or deposition ($5 each)
  • Noting a protest of a negotiable instrument (per page) $3
  • Taking Acknowledgment (each added name) $2
  • Taking oath/affirmation verification (no matter how many signatures) $5
  • Witnessing or attesting a signature (per signature) $5

Here are some sample estimated prices for various notary mobile services:

  • In-person service, one document, one notarized signature: $50

  • In-person service, one document, two notarized signatures: $52

  • In-person service, mortgage/deed package notary service: $100 (Does not include coping, scanning, faxing, courier services, or any other services.) Lenders, title companies,etc. please contact us for pricing.

Special Note:

  • All service and estimated prices on this page are for service during regular hours 9am – 7PM. For service outside of these hours, a $15 additional charge is added.

  • For residential service addresses, payment is required at time of service. For non-residential service addresses, payment is required in advance.

Other Notary SOS Mobile Services

For any other mobile notary services not listed above, please contact us. We offer better service with fair and competitive prices!